NYC Day Trip

Monday, July 11, 2011

A few weeks ago me and my lover decided we wanted to make a trip to NYC. The great thing about being in Long Island or any where in the tri state are is your only a hop skip and train away. He packed his backpack, and I Packed my over the shoulder handbag. Grabbed some Bacon Egg and Cheeses and we were off.

We sailed smoothly with one transfer, if you take the train often enough you start to see same back yards, swimming pools and trampolines. It reminds me I'm on my way.

We arrived at Penn, walked outside and headed downtown. Within minutes we were wishing we wore shorts or something breezy, anything but dark denim. We walked all the way down to Soho and In Between.

I wanted to just walk and enjoy the city, the weekend, and my hard earned cash. When we arrived in the Soho area we stopped at a few stores to window shop, bought a fabulous Spanish inspired dress, and walked for hours. The great thing about going to the city with no plans is sometimes you just enjoy the atmosphere, lots of people, NY fashion, the occasional bum, and random street fairs with fresh cut watermelon! We spent hours stopping in new shops trying to discover the undiscovered and enjoying one another. We stopped at a local bar to grab a drink and a quick bite to eat. I'm trying to recall the name, but it had great bar appetizers, the potato skins rocked my socks.

I indulged in a Mister Softee Cherry Dipped cone and headed back up town. We came to the city to shoot some pictures for my loves youtube/facebook fan page. He makes beats, so anywhere with some graffiti we would shoot, we got some awesome pics. (

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As we walked up town we discovered this interesting gallery of different prints with swarovski crystals adhered to the prints.

Our feet were in pain, once you cant feel your legs or you have blisters its time for a break. So we headed back to Penn. We really wanted Gshock watches before we left so we hit the streets, until we found out treasures.

By this time we were beat, but I did make one last stop to LUSH. And I pick up a bunch of bubble bars, salt scrubs, and lip balm:) One foot in front of the other and we were back on the train headed home!