June 2015 Update

Friday, June 19, 2015

Its been awhile since I posted a weekly or monthly update. Lots of new exciting projects going on in the studio as well as life events!

This year has gone by so fast, as we approach almost the halfway mark in the year I tend to reevaluate goals, products, and many other business ventures. Sometimes we set out to do so much and before you know it the holidays are here, leaving little room to implement new ideas for that calendar year.

During the winter months this year (which felt like forever) I went to a lot of hockey games with my boyfriend. I really really enjoy the high energy anxiety ridden feeling of a live game. Seems to be if you are living in New York you are either a die hard Islander fan (me) or a Ranger fan.

 My thirty seconds of fame lol! Caught myself on the T.V. ok we really taped the game we went to and rewatched lol!

I had oodles of scrap sterling silver that needed to be recycled. I have been accumulating this since I first started metalsmithing. I acquire metal a lot quicker now so I figured there is no time like the present. I cashed in over 25 ounces, it was kind of cool seeing certain pieces that I had scrapped from the beginning of my metalsmithing journey.

As the warmer weather approached I started frequenting the beach. This is one thing I really miss in the winter. Sure its there to look at but its just not practical to sit and really enjoy. I bought a bike and have been enjoying strolling around with my love on nice days.

Letting my feet hang, this is a beautiful look out point at the park. Lots of Bike trails, and nature nooks.

With all the warm weather we need to make some ice pops. I tried a recipe on pinterest, click here for the link.  They were pineapple jalapeƱo ice pops. Interesting is all I will say. I would recommend finely chopping or blending together with the fresh pineapple or pineapple juice.

This guy makes everyday great, Cooper is a boxer: 80lbs of love. He loves car rides, puppies, hiking, swimming, and the dog park.

My best friends recently moved in together, they have a nice view of Manhattan. 

My wonderful best friends who make my life lovely. 

Sunny Selfie!

I love me some beets, I roast them little salt and pepper and that is my afternoon snack.  I roast my beets like so click here for more info.

I had a meeting this day with a local shop owner of Lotus Vintage to drop off some new MeShe pieces for her store. She is a fellow Etsy seller, and has a brick and mortar shop. Click here for her Etsy store. She has pristine vintage clothes, shoes and accessories, she is a power seller and ships really quick. 

These were some of the pieces I dropped at Lotus Vintage, this was mid polishing. Hence the polishing compound all over my hands.

After my meeting Cooper enjoyed a nice day at the park!

Took the kayaks out for the first time of the season. I really missed being out on the water. Such a relaxing activity, we paddled hard that day to the beach and back.

Off to a friends wedding, the three amigos!

Have you guessed it by now Im in the love with this mush!

Right before our hike! This pup can go go go, he goes miles with us as we hike.

For Memorial Day we spent the day at Fire Island Cherry Grove. Such a great time with friends and my love. One more thing about NY, I love is the acceptance.

A cheers for my Dads birthday!

This weekend me and a bunch of girls spent it out in East Hampton for her bachlorette party. It was such a nice place to stay and lots of laughs. We couldn't have had better weather!

All the girls and the bride for her wedding day the following weekend! It was such a beautiful easy breezy wedding. No stress just love, dancing, drinks, and fun!

The gorgeous bride!

And the following weekend another Bridal Shower, both my best friend and I are in the wedding party. Her sister and practically mine as well is getting married this September! 

Ok so now that I updated you with massive amounts of personal events and doggie pictures. What is to come with MeShe Designs.

Im going to be adding new various gemstone rings for made to order sizing, along with other one of a kind stones. I really like the sideways oval rings, they are comfortable, everyday, and classic. Shown above is a peach tourmaline in a size 7.75.

I am going to be adding more cuffs in the near future but specifically these open ended cuff bangles with various gemstones such as amethyst, moonstone, garnet and more. If there is a stone you would like to see please let me know!

New smokey quartz ring made to order in your size! 

Along with all of these projects and many many more in brain :)  I will be offering more wholesale to various boutiques and galleries around the country. I have been working really hard on pricing, and product strategies. I am currently amping up my line sheet for retail buyers to be able to easily place orders for MeShe Designs products to be carried at there stores.  This week I got accepted into the Etsy Wholesale program. I am really excited as this is a great door that will hopefully open additional business for MeShe!

I hope everyone is well and thanks so much for all your love and support.  I will try and make another blog post soon :)

Michelle xx