Weekly Update 3/24/2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Update

To follow up with last weeks first weekly update.  Here is another weekly update, this week has been fun finally rolling out some new metal designs. Had a busy week at the bench finishing up orders, a few customs followed by a great weekend with friends.

To start I shared this photo on my Facebook fan page. These are all the tibetan pieces in my collection I just released.  Great summer pieces. Loving the top left horn, so luxurious and bold for the summer. The white on the top right my best friend is rocking which is a male.  So gender friendly that one for sure.

 I am a terrible sketcher but I am commissioned to do this beautiful piece above with the lapis bullets I just got in from two blog posts ago.  This is the general idea of what the piece will look like. I made a green onyx this week in the same style.  Again very gender friendly.
 A picture of three customs, this is pre polished and pre set.  Just a nice tumble shine right before the stones get set!

Small 5mm post earrings will launch next week.  If you would like a pair they will be $25.00 plus shipping, if you reserve before they are posted I will honor them at $20.00. Very petite great for second holes or just a simple pair for no fuss jewelry.

These two titanium druzies came out gorgeous, I originally was going to make post earrings. Changed the design as I was making the setting.  I am so happy I did, I posted a photo below of the finished product.

I got this adorable dress at the Saks outlet on sale, I finally got to wear this bad boy paired with my vintage strawberry necklace.

And some red lips because why not!

And a little red pump action.

Back to work some bezels ready for soldering.  

Forming and shaping

Outer Bezel all soldered and formed.

The first day of spring celebrating with a kettle bell necklace for a custom.  

These two older pieces have sold, love the rainbow druzy.  I have been trying to source these again having such a hard time finding stones like this again!

My new vase that I got from Target, really loving the flower on the top of the vase.  Went to the local florist and bought some beautiful fresh cut daisies.  Celebrating the spring to come!

Custom request for my heart stacker in post earrings.  I really love the way they turned out, will be adding these to my shop soon!

Tumbling the jewelry to harden and shine.

Blackened these druzy settings prepping to shine them up for a gunmetal finish.

My beautiful mother bought me this cute trinket box from Michaels.  Love sweet thoughtful surprises!

Progress on the bench.

Labradorite Trillion Rose Cut Ring just launched click photo for more info.

Multi Sapphire with 14KT Gold bezel and sterling click photo for more info

Peruvian Blue Amazonite click photo for more info

So that sums up my week, leaving you with a picture of my best friends Jack Russell Quattro.  He is so tiny and sweet, I figure I would share this sweetie pie! I have a few more pieces that will roll out during this week. So stay tuned!!

MeShe xx

Weekly Update 3/15/2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Update:

Im going to try and post weekly updates, I take lots of photos throughout the week and share on various social medias.  I thought it would be fun to pile them all together and write a little blurb each week on what is going on behind the scenes in MeShe.  Both personally and professionally.

 The middle ring is a beaded band with a recycled brass ball soldered for detail, I made this in a thicker version.  I will be adding this style to my shop soon.  The smaller version is available, click on the photo for more information.

A quick video of me using my flexshaft to sand my Onyx Bezel set earrings which are shown below.  My customer wanted 6mm onyx bezel set earrings, I don't have these on my website but they are available for a custom purchase. Retailing at 39.00 plus shipping.

 Above are the onyx posts set in sterling all finished ready to ship.

I was playing around with brass, made this fun hammered circle with a turquoise drop.  Later decided to make it in vintage brass and patina the metal as shown below.

Found these adorable Cynthia Rowley flats at TJ Maxx for $29.00!! Love the minty green makes me happy spring is around the corner.

So above I decided on the brass rings with turquoise charms and other various stones and components.  This is a sneak peak at my tibetan collection.  I will have a video posted soon and all pieces will be launched in the next two weeks.

My new elephant wire wrapped quartz pendant. Love this vintage little elephant! Available for purchase click photo to be redirected to my webpage.

More shots of the Tibetan collection being made

I really love these pieces, perfect for everyday wear and will be great summer necklace. Turquoise, suede, vintage beads, moonstone and peridot.

Went to the drug store today and picked up the highly talked about Luminoso from Milani and the lipstick in Sangria which is shown in my photo below. I also am wearing the liquid illuminator from NYX, the lipstick is a bit of a purple wine. And the illuminator would be great for a night out lovely glow but has a hint of sparkle so daytime use may be overkill. 

Above is the Lipstick and highlighter and my newest purchase which I am obsessing over! This lovely vintage evening bag made by Whiting and Davis. I purchased this at a local vintage boutique where I got the pleasure of meeting the owner who was very knowledgable and sweet.  Click photo for her Etsy shop. I also purchased a vintage dress from the 70's which I am having altered and will be picked up tomorrow. 

Another shot of this darling bag.

That is all for my weekly update! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.  Any questions feel free to email meshedesigns@yahoo.com!

Gemstone Haul

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gemstone Haul

So last weekend I went on a buying excursion in the City to seek some new delightful treasures for my customers.  I was really looking to incorporate some more precious stones, rose cuts, and new shapes.  As a rock hunter, collector, and metalsmith it is very easy to buy stones without thinking twice of what will I use them for? Will my customers like them? Am I just hoarding?  Usually I go into buying trips with an itinerary and walk out with a plethora of items that I didn't need but had to have :) 

I am proud to report I think I managed my time, and resources well.  Keeping in mind what my customers want, while bringing them new fresh selection of quality materials. Here we go!

This is a picture of just a small fraction of what was displayed at one of my suppliers booths.

I choose these pink cushion cut opals.  I thought the powdery pink puffed cabochons were brilliant.  Such a beautiful muted color, fun new shape to play with.  I love ovals and rounds but these are stunning and classic.

 Man in the moonstones! I restocked on these, I offer these stones in quite a few colors and sizes.  I needed to re-up on more rainbow moonstone. Hand carved in India, these are beautiful celestial stones.  These just make you happy when you see the man on the moon smiling.

 I just died when I saw these beauties, such a pungent orange color full of life and screams spring and summer.  I really wanted light airy stones that were beautifully polished and these fit the bill. Such a beautiful high dome.  I bought the larger size for rings or pendants, and the smaller for a nice accent stone or post earrings.

 These were an unexpected find, multi color sapphire in green.  The color is so unique in that it is not quite a mirky olive green it has a luminous sheen with beautiful inclusions running through. I love unusual shades of well known stones.

Druzy speaks for itself. Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle.  Love the green color, I am always buying blues and I found so many beautiful greens this buying trip. These are nice and petite would look stunning in oxidized sterling.

Peach tourmaline, this calls for some gold.  I want to take a bite out of this stone, so juicy and refreshing.  Reminds me of a favorite childhood book James and the Giant Peach. Perfection.

Ethopian Opal, again I love opals no secret any kind, boulder, koroit, black, fire, love them all. This has its own world living in this stone so much radiance and life in any light. Another stone that will look fabulous with a gold bezel :)

 This aquamarine has unbelievable quality and clarity for the size. Slightly included, beautiful pale blue green color. These stones look like candy, they are like arctic ice. Clear with a hint of blue green reminds me a warm tropical waters. 

Peruvian Amazonite, most of us are use to the green and white ammonite which is lovely too.  But I love this bright pop of blue that Peruvian Amazonite has. I offer this stone in 14mm round already, thought this shape and size would be a nice addition for the coming summer months.

I love trillion shapes, especially in labradorite, especially rose cut.  Enough said, well not quite...Some have more blue flash others more green, some are more muted but all are just beautiful!
 Bullets are hard to find in this size, so when I saw them I knew I had to have them. Lapis is such a staple stone, you can never have enough lapis in any size or shape. I also choose the green onyx for a jewel tone pop, which is always very regal.
The final few bits. Precious, Rose Cut, and Stunning. Emerald, Tanzanite, and Sapphire.  These are beautiful and taking the traditional cabochons to the next level.  I really love working with Cabohons stones, but these are a treat the flat back of the cabochon with the faceted top like a traditional faceted stone. Yummy.  
 All of these pieces will be available shortly on my vintage store. Tibetan horns and shells!

I also have a video available for these stones, the lighting came out a bit darker than intended but non the less a great video to watch.
If you have any questions or want a custom please don't hesitate to email me meshedesigns@yahoo.com :)  See you guys soon!