Miss November Studio Peanut Ring Review

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So you may ask when making jewelry, do you ever wear designs other than your own. Of course! With being a jeweler you more than likely have an obsession for stones, metal, and good designs. I have the pleasure of networking with a group of fantastic, talented, loving artisan women who I am proud to call friends.

Sandra and I met through instagram well over a year ago. We have chatted, sent parcels, and supported each other along with our other fire burning angels.  There are some people you meet that you know they have a kind soul and she is one of them.  I had no doubt when I was ready to make a purchase from her shop I would be pleased with her craftsmanship.  I am all about values, and she is stellar.


Once she posted her Peanut Stacking Ring on instagram I knew it had to be mine. I was nuts about them, pun intended. Simple, everyday, and quirky. I tend to wear rings the most, and knew these were great for when I'm at the bench and dont want to wear a chunky piece.

Click photo for more info, image above belongs to Miss November Studio

I ordered and left a note to her that I couldn't wait to get DEEZ NUTS LOL!! Most of her jewelery along with mine is made to order.  Remember small artists need time to fabricate your piece making it truly one of a kind.
Wally wants to eat the peanut ring, the balls on this one hehe ;)

I received my package in a bright teal bubble mailer envelope, which I love compared to my boring Kraft color envelopes! I ripped that bad boy open to find a thank you card personally written, even if you didn't personally know Sandra she packs your little itty bitty envelope with hand stamped thank you cards, business cards, and the goods. Her packaging is bright, fun, patterned, retro, and full of love.

The ring is perfection a sweet simple, petite stacking ring with a powerful peanut soldered on top of the ring shank.  I really love the ring shank, it is a triangle wire giving it some dimension at the top. The peanut has a slight oxidization to pronunce the nooks and crannies of the peanuts surface. Tumbled to a high shine to make for a perfect sterling stacker. Overall this is genius, i needed to grow a pair so I bought a pair.


She also made me her famous itty bitty stamped stacking rings. It amazes me how anyone could have the patience to stamp these little rings, they are precise and genius. Mine states "Deez nuts been torched by an angel". A bit of an inside joke, so meaningful to me. This again has an oxidization to bring out the stamping and tumbled to that high shine.  She has a variety of stamped rings as shown below. You can click on the picture to see all her stackers.
Click photo for details these images above belong to Miss November Studio

These two rings perfectly compliment each other.  I am in love, and would totally recommend her designs to anyone seeking a great personalized gift. I had a great overall experience personally and professionally with Sandra from Miss November Studio. Let me know if you pick anything up from her store :)

Gemstone Haul 5/13/2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

I have purchased a lot of new stones in the last couple of weeks.  I took some photos today to show you guys some of the new goodies in stock.  Some of these I have designed projects for and some are just stones that I bought because well you know one can never have enough stones!

This is a stunning blue labradorite with tons of deep blue flash.  Such a collectors piece I purchased this for a customer.  We are not sure if this is the one just yet.  If not this may be up for grabs!  Either way this will be set into a ring and it has a luxurious weight and thickness. Would look fabulous in a oxidized setting.  This measures 25x21x9.5mm.

This is the momma of all labradorite!  I had to have this stunning rare purple labradorite oval.  It measures in at a whooping 48x28x7mm. What I love about labradorite is each piece is unique in color and flash pattern.  The inclusions are never the same like most stones but the flash is simply magical.  The purple can go from strong hues to a colorless flash all in one angle.  No matter what way you turn there is a hint of purple, or full on striping of luscious purple tones.  I will be making this into a energy charged pendant. Great healing piece for a true gemstone collector. 

These are stunning when I saw this beautiful purple shade I knew I needed that have these in my collection. These are East Java Purple Chalcedony Cabcohons.  There are two types that come from the same region of Indonesia. The ones purchased have a black basalt matrix. Free form in shape and size. These are very rare and unique in color and matrix. 

I purchased both the tigers eye and labradorite in 14x10mm sizes for a specific project.  I will be using these for my vintage quartz point necklaces. As shown below.  I will now offer both stones as an option.
Quartz Points

I got more amethyst in in 12mm these are so rich in color slightly included. Really beautiful jewel tone purple. These are available in the ring style below you can get in oxidized or high shine. I can also custom make a pendant as well.

I purchased the labradorite and moonstone round in 10mm to make rings like my sample below.  I made my "Empress Ring" quite awhile ago and ended up keeping it for myself.  I finally am going to start launching these rings again with different stones.  Starting with the rainbow moonstone and labradorite.  Both colors have amazing flash. With recycled details and oxidized for a blackened finish.  These rings wear so nice when the black fades to a gunmetal finish it really gives a strong personalized feelin to the ring.  

 Stay tuned these will be launched soon.  If you would like to pre-order one please email meshedesigns@yahoo.com.

I also got the 10mm stone in rutilated quartz. I'm not sure if I am going to use these for the Empress Ring yet. What are your thoughts?

 I bought petite 5mm rainbow moonstone and citrine cabochons for stacking rings!

These gorgeous 14mm prehnite are glowing with the traditional pale green hue prehnite has. Beautifully domed and included these will be set in a traditional clean modern setting.  Also available for customs before prototype is launched.

Last but not least a whole lot of Red Alunite, I will be making a few styles with these stones one is shown above. This is a prototype with a recycled sterling detail and a 5mm Iolite accent stone. If you would like a particular stone these are up for grabs.

This concludes my gemstone haul for the week.  Thanks for tuning in I cant wait to start rolling out new designs and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me anytime. 

 Much love,

Michelle xx

B Weiss Leather Belt and Watch

Monday, June 2, 2014

I met a bearded gentlemen on Instagram recently, B Weiss Leather.  I immediately was attracted to the strips of leather and the mere thought of smelling my own handcrafted belt (is that weird ;)) So we started chatting on Facebook and spoke on the phone regarding my visions for some custom leather wears. 

Brandon the leather artisan was first off super passionate, that is something I seek out in another artist if I want to purchase handmade goods. I like to know I am supporting someones dreams, love, and career while getting a quality hand crafted item. There is a great video on B Weiss Leather that really shows just how detailed and precise his fabrication process is:

 For both the belt and watch I was able to choose colors and finishes.  I choose a brighter red for the watch and a rustic aged looking red for the belt. With an antiqued belt closure, and a silver bezel for the watch. I choose a bezel face of my choice and sent it directly to Brandon. 

  He was extremely thorough on how to size both my wrist and belt, so that the belt was customized for my waist and the watch for my wrist. Another reason why handmade is on another level, where can you get quality USA sourced leather custom tailored for you.
Once we had the sizing, belt closure, and bezel face all set fabrication immediately started. Brandon was super quick to keep me filled in on lead time and progression. I was not in a rush and didn't mind waiting but he was finished within the same week. I had my goods within 2-3 days of shipping with tracking provided. Brandon was awesome to work with and made me feel like I was apart of the creative process when crafting lifelong leather pieces.
 When I opened the package I immediately smelt the leather inside, which I love the smell of fresh leather. The watch has beautiful hand stitching as the belt does to, the leather was pristinely cared for, cut, and treated. The straps are two layers thick stitched and flipped. The fit is the nicest part you don't have any awkward straps or flaps hanging due to it being custom fitted.
I mean check the stitching!

 So to sum this up I am super happy with my overall experience with both the artisan and the product. I would love a handbag next!! I'm excited to break these bad boys in for a personalized wearing experience. If you are interested in getting yourself or a man friend a great gift check out Brandon's Business Page:

 Thanks for tuning in! Hope you guys are having a fantastic Monday :)
I purchased these products with my own money, all opinions are my own.