Gemstone Haul 5/13/2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

I have purchased a lot of new stones in the last couple of weeks.  I took some photos today to show you guys some of the new goodies in stock.  Some of these I have designed projects for and some are just stones that I bought because well you know one can never have enough stones!

This is a stunning blue labradorite with tons of deep blue flash.  Such a collectors piece I purchased this for a customer.  We are not sure if this is the one just yet.  If not this may be up for grabs!  Either way this will be set into a ring and it has a luxurious weight and thickness. Would look fabulous in a oxidized setting.  This measures 25x21x9.5mm.

This is the momma of all labradorite!  I had to have this stunning rare purple labradorite oval.  It measures in at a whooping 48x28x7mm. What I love about labradorite is each piece is unique in color and flash pattern.  The inclusions are never the same like most stones but the flash is simply magical.  The purple can go from strong hues to a colorless flash all in one angle.  No matter what way you turn there is a hint of purple, or full on striping of luscious purple tones.  I will be making this into a energy charged pendant. Great healing piece for a true gemstone collector. 

These are stunning when I saw this beautiful purple shade I knew I needed that have these in my collection. These are East Java Purple Chalcedony Cabcohons.  There are two types that come from the same region of Indonesia. The ones purchased have a black basalt matrix. Free form in shape and size. These are very rare and unique in color and matrix. 

I purchased both the tigers eye and labradorite in 14x10mm sizes for a specific project.  I will be using these for my vintage quartz point necklaces. As shown below.  I will now offer both stones as an option.
Quartz Points

I got more amethyst in in 12mm these are so rich in color slightly included. Really beautiful jewel tone purple. These are available in the ring style below you can get in oxidized or high shine. I can also custom make a pendant as well.

I purchased the labradorite and moonstone round in 10mm to make rings like my sample below.  I made my "Empress Ring" quite awhile ago and ended up keeping it for myself.  I finally am going to start launching these rings again with different stones.  Starting with the rainbow moonstone and labradorite.  Both colors have amazing flash. With recycled details and oxidized for a blackened finish.  These rings wear so nice when the black fades to a gunmetal finish it really gives a strong personalized feelin to the ring.  

 Stay tuned these will be launched soon.  If you would like to pre-order one please email

I also got the 10mm stone in rutilated quartz. I'm not sure if I am going to use these for the Empress Ring yet. What are your thoughts?

 I bought petite 5mm rainbow moonstone and citrine cabochons for stacking rings!

These gorgeous 14mm prehnite are glowing with the traditional pale green hue prehnite has. Beautifully domed and included these will be set in a traditional clean modern setting.  Also available for customs before prototype is launched.

Last but not least a whole lot of Red Alunite, I will be making a few styles with these stones one is shown above. This is a prototype with a recycled sterling detail and a 5mm Iolite accent stone. If you would like a particular stone these are up for grabs.

This concludes my gemstone haul for the week.  Thanks for tuning in I cant wait to start rolling out new designs and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me anytime. 

 Much love,

Michelle xx

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