Weekly Update 4/27/2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekly Update 4/27/2014

I hope everyone had a great Easter and Passover.  It's been a busy two weeks here in the studio.  Lots of new launches in the last few days.  I will be going to see a David Gray Concert this coming week, very excited for that!  Here is my last two weeks in review.  Enjoy!

This was my favorite egg I painted for Easter. Who doesn't love the cookie monster. 

Had a special night out on the town, purchased a new hologram bag and boots from Aldo.

This turquoise and peridot was a custom ring I built for my best friend for her birthday.

And here is the final product.  I really love it, a beautiful hand cut turquoise from a Nevada mine and a 4mm peridot.  Textured and set on a floral patterned band.  Hand stamped a Best Friends on the back.
Two pairs of Chrysoprase earrings out the door.  These earrings are wonderful for everyday wear. Very comfortable, I have in quite a few gemstones. Click on photo for links.

I left off my last blog post with the next few projects.  Above is three Koroit Opal Rings.  I can also order a custom stone for you if these are sold out or not your size.
Moonstone Stacking Rings, with grey moonstone, and a hand cut moon.

A set of copper and brass stacking rings these are nice and thick bands.  You can get them ordered in all brass/copper/mixed.
My sweetie pug laying in the glorious sun.  He loves tanning.

I need to reshoot this piece, the big dipper.  I will be making a whole zodiac series similar to this.

This was a special piece I made awhile back when I made a trip to London and Paris. I spent the morning at the beach and wore my piece to remind me of the past year and great experiences shared.  To date this was one of the best trips I have ever taken.

I have plenty of neon necklaces available for those of you who like the bold chunky look! Click on photo for availability. 

A new turquoise charm necklace with stones, brass, and a vintage rose charm. Click photo for more info.

And another vintage necklace added, this is a one of a kind cloisonné butterfly and amethyst drops. Click photo for more info.

New pieces I was working on this week.

Love this black and blue stone called Dumortierite. This is a stunning large bold gemstone ring, locally cut by a lapidary artist.

And another shot, click photo for more info.

Peanut Wood beautiful striations of black and cream burning throughout the stone.

14KT gold set Pink Tourmaline on a half round sterling band. Available in green tourmaline as well.

Just listed these garnet and grey moonstone post earrings.  On sale this week for 22.00 originally 25.00.

I finally cleaned my scrap draw of all the metal scraps accumulated in the last few weeks.  Time to reduce reuse recycle. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I look forward to updating you on the next weeks progress.  I am thinking of setting some sapphires :) If you have any questions please let me know. Be well. xx

Weekly Update 4/12/2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekly Update 4/12/2014

Sorry I did not get the chance to update last week.  I was busy last weekend making pieces for customs and attending some milestone events for my friends. I always seem to have a lot of ideas brewing throughout the days, I am trying to use some of my new stones I hauled in a few blog posts ago.  If i rolled out half the ideas I had I would have new stock for weeks!  Without further ado lets get started with my photo roll of updates!  Let me know if you would like to see more or less of anything :)

Here are the finished photographed earrings I was working on in my last blog post.  These druzies are stunning a beautiful green blue, perfect for any season.  Even down to the ear wire is handmade, I wire wrapped beautiful Iolite gemstones to the bottom of the ear wire.

Click photo for listing and details 

My lovely customer from Hawaii had chosen this gorgeous Rose cut tanzanite stone for a custom ring. 

The finished Tanzanite ring, I couldn't be more please the deep hues of purple and blue are eye catching.  Below is a short video clip of the final product.

If you like this tanzanite I can source additional stones.

Some more projects and custom orders.

I had a friend that loved this ring but she has tiny tiny sized fingers.  So I customized this adjustable brass ring for her smaller hands. Click picture for finished product.  These are really cool all components came from a vintage warehouse in NYC.

I had a flow of blue lace agate orders last week. These are beautiful with unique color patterns and measuring in at 20mm!

Creating the bezels for the rings.

The finished product. The high shine silver compliments the stone, if you know MeShe by now you know I love that minimalist chic finish. 

Here in NY we have had such a long dragged out winter,I love NY and winter but I enjoy starting my work days at the beach with some music.

 I love the beach. Makes me really want to get creating.

I came home that day to find a box full of old jewelry tools from a lovely neighbor of mine.  Need to clean this stuff up a bit, but it was like Christmas for Jewelers.  Wax, flex shafts, mandrel, peoples generosity amazes me.  

I rephotographed this older piece and put it on sale on my Etsy site. Rhodocrosite and phosphosiderite. 

My beautiful customer on Instagram shared this lovely photo of her new Labradorite ring.

I had a nutella crepe OMG. Enough said.

New Green Onyx gemstone bullet necklace these can be a unisex design.

A little video clip of me sawing a bezel.

 I dyed my hair back to red, my favorite color of all time.

Some new wire I just got in, can't wait to incorporate in my designs.

New rolo chain. I want to start carrying this chain for certain necklace designs.

Progress shot this is pre polished and pre set stage.  A custom listing for my beautiful customer. She saw these lapis bullets on my Instagram and fell in love.  I have one more available for order. 

The final product. Luxurious, the chain is so thick and overall this is a great collectors piece.

My best friends puppy Bailey, she went in the water for the first time.  Such a cutie.

Working on bridal party jewelry some inspiration from my line and stones/color.  

Pink Topaz just launched, I kept this one.  Such a blush shade of pink, stunning on the hand.

Creating some prong settings for three Koroit Opals I have in stock from a USA Opal cutter.  He does fantastic work.

I have three stones available, and I will be finishing these this weekend.

Here is a sneak peak of the prong set Koroit Opals and other new designs.  These are not finished yet.

The beginning, progress shots.
 These are really labor intensive but rewarding projects.  I plan on adding more cuffs to my shop soon.
 Pre soldering

Dirty hands from polishing makes for that shiny metal.

 The final product, so pleased with these "Flower Child Cuffs"

Hope you all had a great week so far! Enjoy your weekend, and as always let me know if you have any questions or comments! MeShe xx