About Me

My name is Michelle I am 25 years old, from Long Island N.Y..  I spend most of my days making jewelry and many nights dreaming of creations to be. I am a trained metalsmith and wax carver, as well as vintage hoarder.

I started making simple vintage designs over 6 years ago and started my company MeShe Designs.  I was inspired by a local boutique I had worked in.  We had featured oodles of handmade artisan pieces, and my love for jewelry really developed there.  Dabbling into vintage I was instantly in love with the idea of creating things with my own two hands.  After a few years of making all sorts of vintage jewelry with unique components I took a metalsmithing/wax carving course.

As they say the rest is history, I love what I do I am inspired everyday.  I enjoy breakfast at the beach, car rides on a sunny warm day. The summer on Long Island, my dog, my friends, my family, and my love.

Thanks for your ongoing support