Miss November Studio Peanut Ring Review

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So you may ask when making jewelry, do you ever wear designs other than your own. Of course! With being a jeweler you more than likely have an obsession for stones, metal, and good designs. I have the pleasure of networking with a group of fantastic, talented, loving artisan women who I am proud to call friends.

Sandra and I met through instagram well over a year ago. We have chatted, sent parcels, and supported each other along with our other fire burning angels.  There are some people you meet that you know they have a kind soul and she is one of them.  I had no doubt when I was ready to make a purchase from her shop I would be pleased with her craftsmanship.  I am all about values, and she is stellar.


Once she posted her Peanut Stacking Ring on instagram I knew it had to be mine. I was nuts about them, pun intended. Simple, everyday, and quirky. I tend to wear rings the most, and knew these were great for when I'm at the bench and dont want to wear a chunky piece.

Click photo for more info, image above belongs to Miss November Studio

I ordered and left a note to her that I couldn't wait to get DEEZ NUTS LOL!! Most of her jewelery along with mine is made to order.  Remember small artists need time to fabricate your piece making it truly one of a kind.
Wally wants to eat the peanut ring, the balls on this one hehe ;)

I received my package in a bright teal bubble mailer envelope, which I love compared to my boring Kraft color envelopes! I ripped that bad boy open to find a thank you card personally written, even if you didn't personally know Sandra she packs your little itty bitty envelope with hand stamped thank you cards, business cards, and the goods. Her packaging is bright, fun, patterned, retro, and full of love.

The ring is perfection a sweet simple, petite stacking ring with a powerful peanut soldered on top of the ring shank.  I really love the ring shank, it is a triangle wire giving it some dimension at the top. The peanut has a slight oxidization to pronunce the nooks and crannies of the peanuts surface. Tumbled to a high shine to make for a perfect sterling stacker. Overall this is genius, i needed to grow a pair so I bought a pair.


She also made me her famous itty bitty stamped stacking rings. It amazes me how anyone could have the patience to stamp these little rings, they are precise and genius. Mine states "Deez nuts been torched by an angel". A bit of an inside joke, so meaningful to me. This again has an oxidization to bring out the stamping and tumbled to that high shine.  She has a variety of stamped rings as shown below. You can click on the picture to see all her stackers.
Click photo for details these images above belong to Miss November Studio

These two rings perfectly compliment each other.  I am in love, and would totally recommend her designs to anyone seeking a great personalized gift. I had a great overall experience personally and professionally with Sandra from Miss November Studio. Let me know if you pick anything up from her store :)

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