B Weiss Leather Belt and Watch

Monday, June 2, 2014

I met a bearded gentlemen on Instagram recently, B Weiss Leather.  I immediately was attracted to the strips of leather and the mere thought of smelling my own handcrafted belt (is that weird ;)) So we started chatting on Facebook and spoke on the phone regarding my visions for some custom leather wears. 

Brandon the leather artisan was first off super passionate, that is something I seek out in another artist if I want to purchase handmade goods. I like to know I am supporting someones dreams, love, and career while getting a quality hand crafted item. There is a great video on B Weiss Leather that really shows just how detailed and precise his fabrication process is:

 For both the belt and watch I was able to choose colors and finishes.  I choose a brighter red for the watch and a rustic aged looking red for the belt. With an antiqued belt closure, and a silver bezel for the watch. I choose a bezel face of my choice and sent it directly to Brandon. 

  He was extremely thorough on how to size both my wrist and belt, so that the belt was customized for my waist and the watch for my wrist. Another reason why handmade is on another level, where can you get quality USA sourced leather custom tailored for you.
Once we had the sizing, belt closure, and bezel face all set fabrication immediately started. Brandon was super quick to keep me filled in on lead time and progression. I was not in a rush and didn't mind waiting but he was finished within the same week. I had my goods within 2-3 days of shipping with tracking provided. Brandon was awesome to work with and made me feel like I was apart of the creative process when crafting lifelong leather pieces.
 When I opened the package I immediately smelt the leather inside, which I love the smell of fresh leather. The watch has beautiful hand stitching as the belt does to, the leather was pristinely cared for, cut, and treated. The straps are two layers thick stitched and flipped. The fit is the nicest part you don't have any awkward straps or flaps hanging due to it being custom fitted.
I mean check the stitching!

 So to sum this up I am super happy with my overall experience with both the artisan and the product. I would love a handbag next!! I'm excited to break these bad boys in for a personalized wearing experience. If you are interested in getting yourself or a man friend a great gift check out Brandon's Business Page:

 Thanks for tuning in! Hope you guys are having a fantastic Monday :)
I purchased these products with my own money, all opinions are my own.

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