Weekly Update 5/29

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A picture update of the last few weeks here at MeShe. As always its been a busy few weeks. In am currently cleaning up my shops on Etsy.  I have put most items in my Vintage Etsy Store on clearance, as these listings sell and expire I will move over all my "cheaper" items into  New Shop where almost everything will be under $20.00.   So now I will have three shops total the last being my Metal Line.  I will really be cleaning up my original vintage line with higher quality items, crystals and more boho with a vintage twist.

Love these new Buddha Crystal necklaces, featuring a Vintage Buddha, Moonstone, Iolite, and Aura Quartz.

I purchased these vintage Intaglios from a retired jeweler.  These are black onyx warrior intaglios, he traveled all around the world collecting and buying throughout his career.  I was lucky enough to pick through some of his collection and purchase these amazing materials.

A Morrocan Agate, this was hand cut and polished by a local lapidary artist.  I am in love with the striping in this stone. I am happy I did not make this in my size, I would have kept it :)  

I have a big dipper necklace that is similar in style to the prototype above.  I am currently making a whole zodiac series, each zodiac sign will have a constellation pendant similar to the above picture.  Which is still not completed but you get the idea.  

 I picked up the Happy Herbivore Light and Lean cookbook.  Every recipe I made tasted delicious was easy to prepare.  I am not someone who likes to cook by any stretch of the imagination so these recipes were very easy to follow and didn't feel like I was slaving all day to make a meal. This was one of my favorite,  Peanut Soba Noodles.

 Just sold this vintage ivory inspired piece with a piece of faceted labradorite.
 I launched this little Jelly Bean ring, I set a chrysoprase on a hammered band. Great for everyday wear. or stacking.

I went to see David Gray in concert in Manhattan and it was hands down the best show I have ever seen.  I love live music and have seen some great shows, but the acoustics, instruments, overall experience was very personal and engaging. If you haven't heard any of his music I highly recommend you look into him.

I have had my nose pierced for years and I always wanted to make nose rings.  I finally got around to making small recycled sterling silver studs. Available now.

Beautiful weather, loved this little boat just hanging by the water.  

I used these tigers eye beads to make handmade earrings in sterling silver.  Would you like to see more stones available in this style?

Was feeling my tribal look.  Backpack I got at a market in London near Brick Lane, and the shoes were by Topshop.

New pink opal! Just launched this stone made to order.  I have a very limited quantity.  This was a custom order that I now offer in the shop.  Set on a very thick luxurious band.

Also I shared these on my IG and Facebook.  All new man in the moonstone styles have launched.  The peach moonstone is such a rare large size, again same band is used for the peach as above pink opal. Click photos for pricing.

I have some plans for these vintage bows.  Will be launched in a few weeks.

Currently reading #Girlboss and it rocks if you can see in the middle I also posted a photo of my new business cards :)

A photo of my moonstone moon stackers in the oxidized finish. I also just did a behind the scenes video for these rings.  Click photo for the video.

I have lots of swarovski crystals available if you are interested email meshedesigns@yahoo.com they are not listed on my sites yet.

Beautiful large vintage Czechoslovakian crystals, I even have the original packaging!

All new pieces launching this weekend in my vintage collection :)

Lots of customs being prepared and a few new rose quartz posts, multi color sapphire ring, and coral post earrings will hit my metal shop this weekend as well.

A clean soldering station, where most of the magic happens!  I bought new tiles for my soldering bench.  It is so nice to have a clean work space.  It doesn't last long with orders being prepared and filled.

A closer shot of soldered post earrings, this is pre pickled (pickling - removes fire scale from the heat of the flame).

 I am redoing the setting for this ring.  It will be a bit magical and mystical, I can't wait to launch.  I am in the process of building the prototype.

Leaving this weeks blog post off with two pictures.  One of my best friend and Quattro the smallest cutest Jack Russell Ever, and Quattro and I.  A beautiful day for a hike at the beach.  Summer is finally here!

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