Top Three High End Foundations

Monday, May 19, 2014

So I have decided to put together my list for top three foundations.  I am a makeup addict and don't discriminate against drug store. I love the drug store, but I have yet to find a foundation that knocks my socks off for my skin type, needs and desires.

So without further ado here are my top three picks.  I have tested and used these foundations all for over a year.

My skin type: Normal/combo summer and Normal/dry in the winter.

Issues I like to address with a foundation: redness, natural skin light coverage, my skin but better. Poreless effect.

Pick # 1: Chanel Vitalumiere:
Price: $45.00 USD

Finish: This foundation is beautiful, this gives a very natural finish to the skin. After application it almost immediately sets, powder is totally optional. If you are oily I would recommend a powder in to prevent oil breaking through midday. I would say most skin types can wear this foundation, it is not matte or drying for the drier skin types, will be flawless for normal to combo, and for oily  it is not oil controlling enough on its own so set with a powder. It provides a medium coverage can be sheered or built slightly.

Consistency: Because this is a water based foundation (my favorite) it is light weight, it is not a running consistency that will drip down your hand, but it is not thick at all.  When blended it is so lightweight it just melts into the skin.  Providing you with natural coverage, generally thicker foundations are medium to full coverage.  I find most people really don't need that much coverage for daytime.

Application: I really like using a foundation brush for application, preferably a flat top brush, or my hands.  This is effortlessly to blend.  Because it is so lightweight the application is so easy, and doesn't require a ton of work.

Average wear: Like most foundations unless they are really long wearing, heavy coverage and matte I find I get a good 6-8 hours our of this.  I need to touch up 4 hours in, in my T-zone.

Other notes: Like most Chanel foundations it has that Chanel scent, I find it to be very old world beauty and reminds me of the classic Chanel makeup.  Its not offensive, if you are fragrance sensitive maybe not for you. Has an SPF 15 and a very low SPF odor. I have repurchased this foundation twice.

Pick # 2: Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat:
Price: $57.00 USD

Finish: This is interesting the finish is a luminous finish, not completely dewy. Meaning your skin will look radiant have a luminous glow from within look.  It does not have a true "dewy" finish, which I stay away from because it slides all over the place and has terrible staying power.  This is a foundation I choose for a light night out meaning no dancing, or serious activity. Date night, movie, dinner and drinks. Your skin will look divine, flawless and healthy.  It does not have great staying power for high activity or a full work day.  Light to medium coverage.

Consistency: Again another water based foundation, this has a very liquid texture.  Not quite runny but thinner than the Chanel Aqua Lumiere. Blends out to a dream, very easy application.  Needs to be buffed in with a brush.  Provides a super natural coverage skin like appearance.

Application: Brush all the way with this bad boy.  I find it needs a dense brush the keep that liquid texture very even, love a good flat top.  Effortless, I like to powder my T-zone especially in the summer months.

Average wear: 4-6 hours not a very long wearing, really this foundation for me is all about the finish and kind of occasion I am wearing it for. Touching up all over or just t zone anywhere from hour 2-4. It can start to break up a bit after that. My oil starts to really produce in the T zone especially.

Other notes: Again YSL has a very distant smell to there lipsticks and foundations.  Very fresh though and I hate fragrance in a product but this and the Chanel is luxurious. A SPF of 19 which is light in odor. Many oily skin girls either love or hate this one,  can break out some skin types, and or just be a but too dewy for oily girls.

Pick # 3: Nars Sheer Glow
Price: $45.00 USD

Finish: A true satin finish foundation, don't let the name fool you. This foundation sets super quick almost immediately, providing a nice satin like appearance to the skin.  The term "glow" can be referred to the non flat look, its like matte and dewy made a baby.  You get the staying power and look of flawless matte, without the flat dry thick consistency.  A true medium coverage.

Consistency: This is the thickest of the three foundations, yet it is very lightweight on the skin and still thin enough and easy to work with and blend. Again water based, and easy to blend.

Application: Nars recommends using your fingers for application.  I like that but generally love using a brush for work, or nights out and a beauty blender for lighter day wear. I don't need any powder generally with this foundation. It really sets beautifully.

Average wear: 6-8 hours, this is an average wearing foundation. I find oil starts to breakthrough in hour 4-5 but not terrible.  I like wearing this out at night especially when I want medium coverage and to look flawless. This can work for oily skin girls as well, I would recommend setting with a powder, they also have a matte version of this foundation.

Other notes: The color selection runs very yellow undertone, which I don't mind. Fragrance if any is undetectable, a pump is available on the Nars website. I hate pour containers, not very sanitary. I have repurchased this foundation 4-5 times.  I love it.

I hope this was helpful and your guys enjoyed reading my top three picks.  I will continue to review foundations and other products. I don't review something unless I really have given it a good run.  I like to provide knowledgeable opinions on the products I use.  And I am always looking for the next best makeup product especially foundation! I will talk soon about my day to day routine for a natural everyday look.

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