Weekly Update 7/2/2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer is officially here, this is my favorite time of year. I love the relaxed ease of getting dressed into flowing tops, shorts and flip flops.  There is a carefree feeling that comes with the summer time. I love being by the water and starting my days with beach walks and rock digging. The past few weeks have been productive on the bench as well as personally. Happy July everyone I hope you are planning something fun for the 4th!

 It was a dear friends 30th birthday a few weeks ago, what better way to celebrate than going on a booze cruise around the city. It was the perfect night, warm, no humidity, just a slight breeze, water was clear and not choppy. The skyline was incredible, lots of dancing, cheers, dollar store party favors, and throwing a message in a bottle overboard. Maybe It will come back to me one day :)

 It doesn't matter how many times you see the Statue of Liberty or any significant landmark.  It always looks beautiful on a serene night with people you love.

This image was perfection, freedom tower, sailboat, and sunset.

As we circled around the sun had set on Manhattan. Enough said.

Just a few designs that were shipped out all made to order all available on my website From left to right: Amazonite, Amethyst, Norwegian Moonstone, Labradorite, Man in The Moonstone.


Man in the moonstone earrings shipped out, all of my post earrings come on my circle business cards. These I can remake in a lighter grey or peach. I don't have them listed but they are available upon request.

 I recently did a blog post of all the new gems I purchased within the last month.  If you would like to check that out click here.
 Beautiful new strawberry quartz, I only have two sizes left you can check this link for availability.

 A beautiful rose cut emerald set in a gallery design on a thick half round band.  This is fit for a queen.

 I have this oval druzy on sale for 45.00 free shipping within the US if your interested email meshedesigns@yahoo.com.

 I am apart of a very amazing group of talented women who are all jewelers. My sweet friend Tynessa sent me a beautiful peach necklace. Isnt is the sweetest thing!! I love it.

Me setting up to shoot pictures for my website. I really cherish each and every one of you that take the time to comment, like, and purchase from me. This is my dream and you all allow me to express, create, and live it.

Tynessa also sent me some awesome temporary tattoos so I just had to....
Pre setting stage for some made to order pieces, the purple chalcedony collections, and a labradorites.

 I shared all the finished purple chalcedony pieces on my Facebook and Instagram but this ring is my favorite of the collection.
 Another one of a kind piece headed out to the UK. Rainbow Obsidian.

 These are my most popular post earrings, vintage fire opal glass. I acquired a whole vintage lot at a vintage warehouse. They are set in sterling with a sterling post.

New addition coral post earrings, simple sweet and the perfect salmon coral.

 Went rock collecting for a good friend who uses beach rocks for some of her designs. Her work speaks for itself she puts so much heart and soul into her collections. You can find her Facebook page here.

More blue labradorite because I cant resist when It comes to stones.  All four are available for customs.

Starting my day good morning rocky beach.

 And a little fruit parfait. I love berries on the beach.

 I created this custom piece for a lovely customer of mine in Texas. She is a warrior spirit and was immediately drawn to the purple labradorite stone. This design just came very natural from start to finish. It felt like it was hers from the moment I started sawing the metal. Every piece is made with love but this especially is a spirit piece.  It has so much positive energy radiating from the neckline.

 I paired it with a thick sterling chain and purple amethyst on the bail.

 Look at my Little Pirate, Wally is winking at you ;)


 I got a whole strand of quartz points in. I will be making more vintage point necklaces soon!!

 Tigers eye ring, and Norwegian Moonstone
each metal order receives a card with a special code on it :)

 This is a super luxurious ring just launched. Beautiful blue labradorite with a beaded band bezel.

New projects for the week freshly soldered and pickled. Now ready for some clean up time.


All the pieces above, cleaned up, soldered, set and polished. All pieces are available on my website.

Kayaking just around the river bend.

 I am ending my weekly update with my after work kayaking adventure. I hope you all are having a great week! Stay tuned for more updates shortly. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me anytime!
MeShe xx

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