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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Products Purchased & Free Samples

Heart with red stripe is the front of the Heavenilli Massage Bar
Free Sample and I plan on purchasing smells like a lavender chamomile creation of relaxation!

Gentle Lentil is interesting a solid shampoo I need to give it more time interesting.

Heavenilli Massage Bar
9.95 for 1.9oz
Great for massages or dry skin when rubbed in the palm of your hand turns from a solid to oil.
If you don't like a greasy oil type product this is not for you, I find it sinks in and gives a beautiful sheen. Smells lovely to me but smells are a very personal and particular thing. Vanilla, jasmine almost chocolaty smell to it.

MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt
7.95$ 3.5oz
I really love these products they don't create any bubbles, drop it in a full hot bath let it soak and dissolve. Step in and bam soft milky waters soften the skin with a luxurious feel when you step out wanting more! Smells like lucky charms marshmallows yummy and low fat ;)

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
7.25$ for 3.5oz
I like this one not in love but I would repurchase. This product creates bubbles but not like a club foam party, just a soft layer of bubbles. Crumble it into your bath and bam it softens the water and creates bubbles, I mixed this with the marshmallow bath melt. This smells like a bubble gum vanilla treat. I prefer the bath melts for softer skin.

The Comfortor Bubble Bar
9.95 for 7.5 oz.
I havent tried this puppy yet I will edit when I do but It smells similar to the other candy scents and it is the biggest product of all I purchased.

Honey Bee Bath Bomb
6.40$ for 6.3 oz
Ok this is Holy Grail for me I love buttery honey vanilla scents the best. This is divine if you love honey I washed the kids I believe this is your other half then. Drop it into your bath and it fizzes up slowly with a aroma like no other honey toffee sweet deliciousness. Leaves the water a yellow color and softens the skin I don't want to ever leave my bath. I want a bathroom basket full of these! Note it does leave a small brownish residue on the bottom of your tub when you drain it due to the mud in it, really not a big deal just clean your tub when finished!

Another Shot of Honey Bee

So I have a serious addiction....Handmade soaps and bath products, sweet honey smells and Delicious candy coated bubble bars are making my mouth water for a hot bath as we speak.

I went into NYC a few weeks ago for a jewelry supply spree, and whenever I take the train I think of where I'm going to get a few treats for myself. Whether that be food, clothing, jewelry supplies, or LUSH!
I stopped and said I'm caving in and purchasing some goodies, well a few weeks later I used all my stock up and found taking a shower just wasn't the same. So I made an online order @ These are the goodies I picked up I am in love so far this is not a review just a haul below the images I will put all information on prices and names.
If you are a bath lover and love soft supple skin, you need to give this company a try. I love there company moral, handmade, minimal packaging and quality fresh products. Check out

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