Gift Guide 1: Ballerina

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gift Guide 1
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I figured it would be interesting to do a weekly gift guide.  Featuring different gifts for all types of friends and family.  The fashionista, the punk rocker, the minimalist, beauty guru and more.  I will be featuring 5 or more interesting items that perfectly fit that special day. 

Todays Gift Guide:

Gifts For The Ballerina:

Do you have a acquaintance, friend, lover, mother that dances, danced or thinks the should be in the ballet.  Here is the perfect grooving guide for you!

Gift 1 - Ballerina Art

Etsy Seller: Ballet Art
Price: 28.00

I think this is a fantastic gift for a dancer this print is simply stunning.  This seller has so many prints for the ballerina in mind.  Whimsical, colorful, emotional and  unique.  I would purchase this for myself because it is just elegant and romantic. 

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Gift # 2 - Ballerina Jewelry

Price: 32.50

This is a great everyday wearable gift for a ballerina.  This seller can customize the necklace with a personal saying, name or initial to make it truly from the heart.  This is a great simple piece that any style bold or simple can love.

Gift # 3: Ballerina Edibles

Price: 41.99 for 1 dozen

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Whats better than a present that not only looks fantastic, but tastes fantastic.  These adorable ballet cookies look simply scrumptious.  With beautiful detailing these cookies are a great way to personalize a gift, these could be great for party favors, or gifts for that trophy your dance studio won.

Gift # 4: TuTus

Price: 65.00

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How could I not include the one and only tutu!  A great gift for the dancer that is now going to be a momma!  This seller has a variety of gorgeous clothes that suit any ballerinas style.  Tutus for toddlers, or feminine romantic bodices for women.
Gift #5: Ballerina Headband

Price: 33.00

When we think of ballerinas well at least I think of a bun.  This seller has oodles of headpieces with a  romantic elegant feel.  A great gift for a dancer that loves to add to her costumes.  These are wearable for events such as weddings, baby showers, or simply dress them down with a fashionable outfit!

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