CJS Sales NYC Review

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Vintage Lovers Dream

A few months ago I needed to make a trip into NYC, I sifted climbed and dug for 5 plus hours at CJS Sales.  It’s all for the love of MeShe Designs, so I hopped on the train....
It was raining a bit on the way in, by the time I reached Penn I was starving.  First stop  something quick and easy Hale and Hearty, soups and salads.  First off I have a huge obsession with shrimp chowder so when I saw that soup my heart skipped a beat.  And ginger-ale seems to be the second love in my life.

Getting down to business I marched my way to a vintage warehouse in Manhattan for some exclusive one of a kind treasures.  The smile on my face riding up the elevator summed up my love for jewelry; irreplaceable, fulfilling, and everlasting.  I felt like a kid on Christmas awaiting undiscovered treasures of vintage findings and beads.

First Impression: 
Everything I thought it would be and a whole lot more.  When you walk out of the elevator the chaos of amazing boxes of vintage beads begin.  I was faced with a large room full of treasures piled in boxes.  I was then greeted by the owner Carl he was kind enough to give me a tour of there warehouse.  There is so much to take in as you tour their facility, there are about 5 or 6 rooms filled with various jewelry and findings ranging from pearls, wood, shells, glass, cabochons, and finished jewelry.


 There is endless selection from floor to ceiling this place is organized by room.  Swarovski flatbacks, pressed glass, finished jewelry, chain, wood, shells and with a whole lot mixed in between.  Organized in a chaotic matter, but one that I prefer, you could spend a week in here and not fully go through all there inventory.  It is like nothing I have ever seen.  You will find one of a kind treasures from around the world that are not found in retail or wholesale shops.  

Shopping Experience:

  Absolutely wonderful, this is a vintage lovers dream.  Your mind will run wild, I literally have dreamed of going back.  One thing I must say is this is for experienced buyers, I had read as much information as possible before visiting CJS.  I knew what to expect and how plan my shopping trip.  The owners recommend experience buyers for a reason.  You need to know what materials you are looking at, and you cannot purchase just a few beads.  You buy the whole lot whether that be a box of lockets or 3 strands of glass pearls.  You must have a tax id to shop here!

Be prepared to dig as shown in the tundra of beads their can be 8 or 9 boxes stacked you really need to dig to find the components that fit your line, or supply shop.  And if you see something you like buy it, there can be no guarantee it will be there next time or you will ever find it next time;) Carl and his assistant where pleasant and accommodating when I had any questions.

Findings I purchased:  After almost 6 hours of digging with my love we had deciding on just to name a few:  Swarovski Flat Back Aura Borealis Domes Cabs, Lockets, Various Brass Findings, Lots of Czech Stones, Gemstones, and cloisonne just to name a few!

  I would recommend on writing a list of things your looking for and try and stay focused.  It is very easy to get sidetracked and overspend.  Most everything goes by weight 10.00LB 15.00LB and up, other treasures such as lockets or cabs can be sold by the bag and or piece.


If you are a jewelry maker of any kind this is absolutely worth the trip, you will be dazzled with the selection.   Again be prepared for the overwhelming floor to ceiling boxes of beads, be prepared to dig and get dirty.  Try to stay within the esthetics of your line and not venture off, come with a budget and a general list of what you are looking for.  You don't find these types of supply shops just anywhere, enjoy and have fun:)


  1. I wish there was something like this in Los Angeles!

    1. If you make a trip to NY I highly recommend stopping here, it really is such an experience:)

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