Handmade Soaps: Saturday Soap Review

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Soaps Review

I had the pleasure of being a vendor at the Queens Botanical Garden's Spring Festival.  My neighbor was Saturday soaps, and this is a weakness for me.  I love handmade soaps, bath products, oils, lotions etc.  Belinda the owner was really fun and sweet making the day a pleasure.  At the end I picked up a few treasures:

Fine Lavender Soap and Body Oil (Lotion)

Rosy and Peppy Soap

May Chang Soap

Pricing: Soaps range from 5.50-6.00
Body Oil (lotion) 10.00

Scents:  All are concentrated with lovely natural smelling essential oils, when lathering in the shower these soaps/shampoo bars really smooth over your skin with the exact scent that you initially smell.  The may chang is very awakening with a citrus style scent without smelling articfical.  The Rosy and Peppy was my favorite with a minty burst and granules for exfoliating.  The exfoliant was not too abrasive just right.  I love lavender if you are looking for an authentic lavender soap this is for you!  The lotion compliments the soap beautifully great for someone who wants hydration without the heavyness of a body butter.

Packaging:  I love the packaging really simple eco concious and meaningful with quotes, fresh ingredients listed, and a tag line for the scent printed on the paper wraps.   Making the experience of shopping with Saturday Soaps that much more enjoyable.

All products were purchased with my own money, all photos belong are mine.

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