Ben Nye Pink Powder Review

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I was very saddened when I realized Benefit powerflage was discontinued. The small jar had lasted me quite some time, there are no products on the market that are specifically made for setting your undereye makeup. Through searches and various Youtube videos Ben Nye's Pink Powder was mentioned as a dupe.

Benefit powderflage is specifically for setting the under eye, where as Ben Nye's Pink Powder is advertised to be an all over face powder.  

Overall Review: Love the product, it has a similar texture and almost identical coloring to the Benefit powder.  It is very lightweight like most translucent powders, virtually undetectable on the skin.  It has significantly lower price tag which is a bonus.  Check this link for pricing it also comes in a variety of sizes.  I like the packaging better, the powderflage would always unscrew spill, and waste product.  There is no shimmer, and gives a brightening effect to the skin.

Application:  I don't always wear concealers whether I wear one or not I always use this product under my eyes for added highlight.  I use a real techniques setting brush to apply.  You don't need much, tap off the excess to prevent over application.  For whole face any large powder brush will do the trick.

Negatives:  There really aren't many downsides to this product.  The powder is a tad more drying than the Benefit Powderflage, but I have dry skin and I still like it.  It can irritate the eyes, I close mine when applying near the eyes.  The color will probably work with fair to light skin tones, but they do have the banana powder and other deeper tones for darker skin complexions.

Hope this was helpful!

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