Promotion Tip #1 Paypal Survey

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Promotion Tip # 1

I want to post quick tips to share with fellow Etsy sellers to assist them with utilizing all tools available on the web. Quick easy tips that any seller new or old can use!

Paypal Survey:

This is a feature I just found out about, and would like to share with fellow team members. Paypal offers a way for customers to tell you how they heard about your shop, Google, friend, face book etc. We spend all this time and money into marketing our shops with different venues. At the end of the day we want to streamline what brings the traffic in.

Log Into you Pay Pal account:

Under the My Account Tab go to the profile tab

Click More Options

One the left hand side click My Selling Tools

Click Custom Payment Pages

Change the tab to options

Check Add A Customer Survey Box

And simply fill out.

This is free, and takes five minute to implement. Although doing some research, it is not a feature generally used by the customer during checkout. It is generally overlooked, but I have some additional tips on my blog to engage the customer to fill it out.

Another way to make customer aware of survey, is include instructions how to do so in your message to buyers. (In Etsy under your account info & appearance)

TIP* Guide them to the correct place!*

It is the first line in my Message To Buyers:

For special coupon code please fill out our survey during PayPal checkout. Let us know how you heard of our shop! I will email you exclusive code!

Want to keep it simple try this:
Let us know during checkout how you heard of our shop, find our customer survey in PayPal checkout.

A helpful seller in the EETeam gave us additional information on how to set up survey notifications! This way you are emailed when someone fills it out!

My Account
More Options
My Settings
Update Notifications
Check Email box for customer survey!

Again this is just one more way to streamline our business, promotions, and marketing tools.

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  1. This is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. No problem @Charlot, I will have more helpful tips to come so stay tuned!