Jojoba Oil Product Review

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skin Hair Nails All In One Oil Product Rave!

Product Review: Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Purchased @: Whole Foods

Price: around 4 or 5$

What Can You Use It For? Just about anything and everything under the sun, the one great thing about this product is that it serves so many purposes. A great staple to have in your home. You can use this on your skin, hair, nails, serves as a moisturizer, mask, makeup remover, hair treatment, cuticle oil.

What I use it for: Mainly I use this product for my skin, I started using retina cream good for sun damage. It is a prescription cream from the dermatologist, one major side effect is peeling and dryness. This side effect can last a few days to a few months, I didn't want to waste three months peeling to find a solution. So I read online of products to use in conjunction and shabam jojoba oil was one of them. So I purchased and started using over my retina cream at night and what a difference.

I have used this for four months every day and night. Oil sounds scary but this oil mimics a natural oil produced in the skin that is too large to clog the pores. Can it break you out yes depending on your skin type I have normal to dry skin. But it has worked for many with acne prone skin, the skin can go through a stage of purging. But for me I had no breakouts due to this oil, it leaves my skin so smooth and glowing like no other product.

Night I don't use any other moisturizer I only use this I look a bit shiny but when I awake my skin is hydrated and luminous. I use about three to four drops.
Day: I mix one to three drops in with my DDF oil free moisturizing dew and it gives me the glow, and hydration my skin needs.

Overall: A great inexpensive product that truly delivers natural moisture to the skin. Dessert Essence is a pure oil that is cruelty free and no animal testing of raw materials or finished product. I am not a dermatologist and this may not work for all skin types but what a great product to try that wont break the bank.

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