Revising Descriptions

Friday, May 6, 2011

Revising Descriptions:

Ok one of the many tasks on in my One Month Challenge is revising all of my shops descriptions. Now I feel I have figured out an informative way to describe and list my items with as much useful and necessary information as possible, without overwhelming the customer. I read tons of forums and Etsy newsletters and finally I am happy with my current revisions.

Again we will always be updating and revising our shops but if you are thinking of starting a shop or already have one there’s no time like the present to set up a clean informative description for your buyers.

The current layout I am going with for my descriptions is as followed: I broke it down into sections to explain my reasoning behind this layout and the link for this piece is
This way you can view the final layout.

**This is an example, alter and change for your specific needs, find a unique way to make it yours**

**Take your time but again use your Google calendar to set a goal date to finish your revisions by I am currently in the process of changing all 82 items I have for sale.

Section One: Description

- Shop Name – repeating your shop name in the description for a way to implant your shop name into the buyers mind. The more they see it the harder it is to forget. Your selling your item but also your name.
- Materials – What materials, ingredients, fabric etc are being used, Google is going to recognize the first 2 sentences of the description so make it count. If I am searching Lime Green Chalcedony Earrings your visibility has just improved.
- Enticing Adjectives – Have fun use rhymes, quotes, out of the box words to express the item at sale. Horrible at writing use a thesaurus to make your words pop off the screen.
- Origin – Include the origin of where you may have gathered materials or inspirations.
- Weights/Texture – The customer cannot touch your item; explain the weight, feel, textures, and tastes.

These MeShe Design Earrings feature a key lime green chalcedony faceted briolette drop, wire wrapped with vintage brass. A handmade earring that is simple yet delivers a beautiful soft lime green. This color bursts with personality and brightens any complexion. A great gift for any green lover, If you prefer a fish hook earring back feel free to contact me upon purchasing.

Section 2: Detailed Descriptions:

- This is optional I choose to do this to better inform customers of material there buying; maybe if you sell handmade clothes you can talk further about washing and drying instructions of fabric.
- I feel is allows customer to see you want them to be as knowledgeable as you are when it comes to the material

Chalcedony is the Astrological Sign for: Cancer & Sagittarius

Chalcedony is considered a member of the Quartz family, color ranging from transparent, translucent, or opaque. It occasionally contains a small amount of opal.

Chalcedony balances the energy of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Alleviates hostilities, irritability, and enhances generosity.

Section 3: Tag Line
**Again with branding yourself including your signature statement, let the customer remember you!

Wear it, feel it, love it, own it - Meshe Designs

Section 4: Materials Listed and Measurements:
- Some people hate reading descriptions and prefer items listed clear and easy, this is great in addition to Section 1.
- Listed should not be your only way of describing product it won’t come up in the search engine as efficiently.
- I also include all material that my description may not
- List Measurements again they cannot touch or feel the product, so paint a picture and minimize reasons to hesitate buying right that moment.
- More information = less convos from buyers because you already included vital information. Which in turn allows for a more impulsive sale

♥ Lime Green Chalcedony Faceted Briolettes
♥ Wire Wrapped
♥ Lever Back Earrings
♥ All Other Components Are Vintage Brass

♥ With Ear Wire: Approx: 1.5"
♥ With Out Ear Wire Approx: 3/4"
All Measurements are Approx.

Section 5: Refer another Item
- This simply gives the customer one more reason to stay or make an additional purchase.
- All big name online retailers give you suggestions based on the item you are currently viewing. There not multi million dollar companies for no reason.

Love This Stone:

Section 6: Link your policys:

-You want every customer to know your terms and conditions as far as shipping, and returns. Don’t assume they know where to find it, guide them!

MeShe Designs Policies & Shipping Info:

Section 7: Gift Wrap

-Let the buyer know you offer gift wrap, one more reason for them to hit the checkout button.
-Customers Love Eco Friendly!

99% Eco Friendly Packaging, Gift Wrap Included
All Pieces Are Cleaned Prior To Shipment

Section 8: Contact Info

- They may be new to Etsy and know how to contact you; again you just saved a sale.
- Some people prefer email so I throw it in there

Any Question Contact Us:
Via Etsy Conversation
meshedesigns [!at]

Section 9: Facebook/Twitter:

-Allow your customers to be updated 24/7
- People Love promotions and you could have a new fan followed by another sale!

Visit Our Fan-page For Promotions:

Sections 6, 7, 8, 9 I copy and paste work smarter not harder!

Again this is my layout make tweak it to fit your needs.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with all these tips just take it with a grain of salt and evaluate. Could your descriptions improve, and increase sales by increasing your buyer’s knowledge through descriptions?

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